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Astrology that Nourishes the Heart, Soul, and Body
Sandra Borgonovo, BA, MA, Psychological Astrologer, CA, from London School of Psychological Astrology and Mercury Internet School in London, and BodyTalk™ Holistic Healing Practitioner, CBP

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Combined Awareness 


Psychological Astrology 

that will nurture your soul

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Astrology and BodyTalk

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 Combined Awareness Program includes Astrology and diverse healing modalities. 

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In 2002, Sandra Borgonovo was introduced to astrology entirely by chance. An unexpected meeting, then a flyer, then all the rest is history, as they say. 


Sandra studied on and off for eight years until she decided to become a professional astrologer in 2011. In 2018, she completed her three-year course in Psychological Astrology from the Centre of Psychology Astrology, based in London, and Mercury Internet School, in London. Sandra practices Psychological Astrology, which is about getting to know the Self, Healing, and Self-development. 


"Sandra also has a 15-year business and consulting background, which gives her grounded practicality which is reassuring in her consultations. Given her diverse experience, she can speak about life, career, and business, not just about the Self and healing." Client, Hana Sztarkman


I work primarily online with clients around the world.

You send me your birth information. I send you your Birth Charts via email, and then we have a conversation. 

Consultations in Spanish and English, Proficient French

Sandra was born in Central American yet grew up in the United States. She is Latin American and American, with some passionate Italian genes and a love for languages, learning, and travel.