Astrology and BodyTalk

Have you ever had an Astrology consultation? Whether you have or have not, the usual experience is receiving information that validates us and surprises and enlightens. It opens up our awareness of life. We also learn about patterns and qualities, both strengthening and others challenging.


Therefore, how do I begin to work on these patterns to express all my gifts fully?  BodyTalk is an effective and beautiful healing therapy that helps to begin shifting patterns and healing the past. We go through different aspects of your chart to determine which ones are a priority for you. Then, we balance what needs healing within your body-mind. 

I have been practicing astrology or astrology and BodyTalk for ten years. I have studied astrology for 15 years.

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BodyTalk is WholeHealthCare™, which means


  • Whole-Healthcare addresses the whole-person and their whole-story, using the entire context of their life to improve their health.


  • Whole-Healthcare understands the psychology of the body and the influence it has on your health, a true mind-body medicine. 


  • Whole-Healthcare explores the hidden causes of illness by looking at physical, emotional and environmental factors. 


BodyTalk, created by Dr. John Veltheim, is Consciousness Based Energy Medicine which can be done online.  I have had many online clients and they have highly benefited from the sessions. 


BodyTalk Healing Session is for the whole family.  No needles no pain, soft and effective and can be done via online platforms such as Skype

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