Astrology Consultations


I practice Transpersonal Psychological Astrology that will nurture your soul, you will leave with a new perspective, more understanding and compassion for self and others. 


Everyone is unique. In the journey of life, Astrology can be a beautiful way understand yourself and your life process more about yourself, which will then bring more awareness of the world around you. It is a short cut to greater awareness on all levels.


Transpersonal: is beyond the personality, beyond I am this and I am that... beyond what you know yourself to be and greater awareness of life and your journey.  Astrology is very useful in really getting to know who you are, your tendencies, patterns, personality traits and what is currently going on. It also points you in a path towards a beautiful meeting with self, transformation, understanding and higher awareness of life.   We identify those patterns that are holding us back from joy, an authentic self, and who you really are and can be... and much more.

Online Distance via Skype OR Whatapp Sessions are available

ABOUT MY PRICES:  Rates for people living and working in developing countries are different.  Let me know if you are living in a country where your purchasing power is less and I can give you a discount.  I would like to make my sessions accessible to all.  

Birth Astrology Chart
and Transits 
"Know thyself" All about you.
"Understand and cultivate compassion" You in relationship to another.
Chart, Solar Return and Transits, a Birthday Reading
"Celebrate Life, one more year, and the wiser! "
The upcoming cycles for you
and your transformation.
Astrology and BodyTalk
"Know thyself, and Heal"
Astrology Chart plus balancing issues and strengthening all that was revealed to you in session.
$155.00, 75 minutes

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It is and enlightening option, body, mind and spirit