Revealing your Optimal

Life and Healing Pathway 

Whole LifeCare for an Integrated Life




I have chosen Sublime Pathways as the name of my practice, since it embodies awareness, joy, passion, creativity yet with softness and peace.  Sublime means a transformation from water to air, back to water, yet we are not the same, just transformed.   


This about revealing Your Unique Journey, what is best for you, and your highest development, aiding you in lessening struggle or stress, while celebrating the passion.  


We are revealing the optimal pathway for the growth and transformation and healing of your health, body, relationships, career, and business and if you choose a freedom-inspired, aware, or Awake life.  



"The Experience of Life just becomes lighter, simpler, and more beautiful and free, your own work of art, Sublime." Sandra  








Seem impossible?  I have seen it many times in the lives of my clients. Even though there may be temporary challenges, the approach to them becomes wiser and lighter.  It is a new responsiveness that seems to come out of nowhere, yet the source is the Wisdom that already resided within, yet had been clouded by experiences, interpretations, beliefs and other factors.   


Everything comes to a peaceful balance when we live from the Heart. It is about letting go what is in the way, rather than adding. All is within you already. 




You will feel a greater connection to your Self, and a more balanced body, mind and spirit.  Things begin to happen for you, and more importantly, awareness heightens.   



Other Services 


My main goal in BodyTalk was to bring more awareness to the world, not just improve health. "  ​Dr. John Veltheim, creator of the BodyTalk System


"It is a transformation, a lightening of consciousness, one which you never thought possible, and which will suprise you in marvelous ways" This is Sublime. 

Combined Awareness Program 
Includes all or some modalities:  It is a design your own program according to your needs.  I will also suggest a series, and you can decide on your own.  
BodyTalk, Psych-K, Astrology, Self-Healing and Meditation, Yoga and Yogic Healing Techniques. 


BodyTalk is a safe and gentle therapy for adults, adolescents, children, and babies which offers great possibilities for healing, letting go of trauma, belief systems and offers greater possiblities of transformation, healing and growth in a shorter time than other therapies." Sandra

As a client you can choose to engage in Therapy tailored to your needs at different times in your process. We can work energetically, through BodyTalk, which addresses all levels of the BodyMind, and PSYCH-K, which engages both the conscious and subconscious mind, meditatively and for self-healing through the MAA Process and other Tecniques, with Astrology for more self-awareness.  They all work in different ways, engaging different parts of your Body, Mind and Spirit.  


Yoga and Self-Healing
Including Body/Movement in 
your overall practice.  For union or wholeness of body, mind and spirit. 

Sublime Pathways Yoga (SPY)


As Grace says, "Do not worry, I have a little spy in your heart"

Personal and Concious Business Consulting and With BodyTalk for Business
In these new times, people are looking within, and this process is combined with Business and Life Development.  We are looking for alternative souces of learning about life and self-development on all levels.  

BodyTalk for Business is a wonderful therapy that includes the individual and all aspects of life.  In addition I draw on my 13 year business background and Masters International Business and Development Economics degree, to assist you in your process.  In addition we can include the Combined Awareness Program and Stress Management Techniques.