Contemplative Astrology - a Sublime Transformation 

I invite you to share with me a journey of transformation, awareness, wisdom and beauty, into the Universe and Self.  Join me in a Workshop:  Contemplative Astrology 


"Knowledge or wisdom comes to us because it is the heart seeking, the being, the love seeking itself to wholeness. This an offering given even when one is not consciously looking for it."  

  • The Basics of Astrology.  The History, Signs, Planets, Houses, and how all of this relates to your Transformation.  

  • Demystify Astrology, yet at same time enter into the Wonder

  • Get closer to Self understanding which will bring more understanding of the Other; open the doorways to more love and appreciation.

  • Meditate with the Universal Archetypes

  • Journey into the infinite power of returning to your center

  • From Self-understanding, begin your journey to go beyond your patterns, beyond  the concepts "good and bad", "should or shouldn't be".

  • Enjoy the Group Energy as we share in BodyTalk Sessions that will probably be in line with subjects that come up in class both personally and collectively.  

  • Information at 


12 hour workshop divided into 3 Saturday mornings / 4 hours each.

Or 2 mornings 4 hours and two afternoon sessions 2 hours each.  

Materials provided

A bit of homework and contemplation required in between classes


You will be surprised by this class!  Get ready for an adventure. 



“Astrology is assured of recognition from psychology, without further restrictions, because astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity.” 
― C.G. Jung

"The greates love the greatest joy comes from living in awareness, the richer life becomes the greater the adventure."  Sandra Eugenia

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