Past Writings 
I was asked to write for a Central American Magazine years ago. I do not write much anymore, yet if I do, I will be adding it here.  
2007 for FEM Magazine Central America, Energy of the Month Perspective 

New Moon and Eclipse, March 2007 

A new Solar Year

Creating a Blissful space in your home

Saturn Opposition Nepture 

Venus in Taurus


The New Moon on March 18th, a solar eclipse in Pisces, provides the background for the first three weeks in April. The energy can be summed up by “letting go, spiritual cleansing, and planting new seed” – cleaning out your life, going back to your truth. Each new Moon is the beginning of a new cycle, when we make new plans, commitments, take on challenges, transform. It is a phase of initiation. This month, the New Moon Eclipse brings changes, ones that we have begun to initiate months or weeks before or those that happen unexpectedly. With the New Moon in Pisces, the changes may happen in your outer world yet they are a reflection of your deep spiritual nature.


It is a time of change, restoration, renewal. You will be able to get back to the basics, a purification of all areas of your life. It is an especially good time to focus on your health. Start changing your life by implementing routines which not only protect your health and the world around you, but actually enhance the spiritual, emotional, and mental quality of your daily experience. Consider buying natural products, cooking more healthily, drinking more water, redecorating or hiring someone to bring Feng Shui into your home, literally making your life live in harmony with universal energies.


It is also a good time for you to re-evaluate what systems you have in place for that is contributing to your life rather than taking from it. Is your diet healthy? Is your home inducing a sense of peace and tranquility? Are you implementing a healthy life style all around and contributing to keeping a healthy environment in your community? By creating a lifestyle and home which complements the environment, other systems and you begin to regenerate. Understanding your spiritual needs, allows you to better create an environment which supports a healthy life. This eclipse calls you to make changes in your general well being, which means letting go of old patterns that do work for you anymore.


This will also be a time to initiate new creative projects, yet they will require great stamina and commitment. The Neptune-Saturn opposition is an important aspect this month. Neptune is the planet of dreams, visions, poetry, spirituality, psychic energy, illusions and at times confusion. The opposition of Saturn brings all these energies back to earth. It forces us to question where we are deceiving ourselves and what we really want. It is not an easy aspect, and can bring disillusion, yet a necessary step in moving on and creating new reality for your life.


Venus has moved into Taurus, which provides welcome energy that will ground the spiritual nature of this eclipse. It is a time for planting of new seeds, watering them and letting go. Use the energy of Taurus, patience, loyalty and faith, for these new beginnings sown with joy and hope will bring what you desire in the long run. As the first day of April dawns, the energy of Aries, is in full force. Aries is the sign of the Zodiac and begins the new astrological year, marking a new energetic cycle and new beginning. People born under this sign are thought to have a confident, energetic, adventurous, enthusiastic, and pioneering character. At this time, we are called into putting the changes initiated by the New Moon into action.

July August 2007

 Energy of Leo  


 On Soulmates and the New Moon 

   in August 

 What is a Soulmate relationship?



July 23rd 2007 began the month of Leo and will remain until August 22nd, when the sun goes into Virgo. The sign of Leo, is ruled by the Sun, it is the Lion, the King, the Creator. People born under this sign have a tremendous creative capacity. They are enthusiastic, energetic, determined, courageous, charming, caring, and warm. They are self-assured, natural born leaders, they impress when they walk into a room. They are known for their generous hearts, and their desire to share their passion, life and love. We have all heard the expression “heart of a lion” which combines two very beautiful characteristics of a Leo – courage and the desire to share love. Do you have the courage to love? 

On July 29th, the full moon in Leo sets up the energy for the month of August. This full moon is known in the spiritual tradition of Kabbalah as the moon of soul mates. Kabbalah, simply means “to receive”. In receiving love, can we share love. The energy available this month strengthens all soul mate relationships – and brings our consciousness to the heart and soul, having the courage to receive and to give love. What is a soul mate? A soul mate is traditionally described as a twin soul, or simply the other half of our soul. In a romantic sense, it is the person we fall in love with, it is the person we have been searching for to experience love and feel a sense of completeness. 

What is a soul mate relationship? It touches our heart, transforms and helps us grow into a more compassionate and loving person. A soul mate relationship can be in love and marriage, in friendship, in business, and within families. They require leaps of faith, openness, and risking your heart. These relationships are filled with great joy and at times, pain and healing. However, the most important soul mate relationship we will have is with ourselves. Do we truly love ourselves? Having a soul mate relationship with another person is beautiful, however, the sense of completeness and unconditional love is difficult to experience if we are not complete with in ourselves. This month, love yourself fully, as you are. You are and have everything you need. Your soul mates in life will come from this great love.


Nurturing and Creating
Energy of the Month Perspective 


The New Moon in Aries on April 17th, activates in the 12th house, beginning a period of introspection, and looking within. There will be a desire for peace and quiet, withdrawal and spiritual recharge. However, the moon is in Aries, an energy that is about action and moving forward. This points that you will be doing some introspection and thinking about issues related to “self” and soul’s needs. However, you will also be called into action especially in service. You will feel a need to collaborate and even take leadership in your community. This is a wonderful time to focus on building new relationships, whether in service, love or business. With four planets in the 10th house, the focus comes back once again to your career and mission. There will be another opportunity to make changes that will move you forward. There will be some tension and challenges given Saturn’s opposition to the 10th house. However, lucky Jupiter gives an added stroke of luck to this position from the 7th house of partnerships calling you to go out and share with others. With Pluto in the 8th house, the energy is there to search for more meaning and to transform. 

As the sun moves into to Taurus, an earth sign, on April 20th to May 22nd, we move from initiating to solidifying our efforts and changes we made in March, after two powerful eclipses. Taurus, ruled by Venus, is a time of manifestation and revelation. Taurus energy is about being able to love and be loved, nurture and be nurtured. Aries, precedes Taurus, and it is the life-force the giver and initiator, a male sign. Taurus is feminine and the receiver, and the energy generated during the month of Aries is received and nurtured so that it may grow. It is creation. Taurus is the Earth Mother and provider of a stable environment growth to take place. If you made changes in the last month, the fruits of the changes will begin to show. Taurus is about love, nurturing and stability, and a perfect time to honor these qualities in you and the people that have given you this love, especially your Mom. It is no coincidence Mother’s day falls during the month of Taurus.

April-May 2007

The  Moon and the 12th House 

10th House

Taurus and Aries 


September 2007

A note on Freedom 

A view on commitments 

Virgo Energies 





What is freedom? Do you feel free? In today’s world, with work, family, finances, and obligations do we really experience any kind of freedom? It does not feel like it does it? If you look back, however, especially for women, we have more freedom than ever. This month evaluate in your life and see where you don’t feel free. This is a not a suggestion for you to leave you job, your family or any commitments that you may have. It is simply a call for you to start making changes either in the way you are looking at your life or start making those small changes that will bring you to more self-expression, get you closer to doing what you love, and feeling happier about your life. 

In fact, sometimes it is the commitments we choose that makes us free. When we fully love and commit, we are free! When we are in agony and uncertain about whether we love someone, when we are trying to make  decision, or on the fence about a relationship, a job, that is when we are in bondage. Freedom may be, just being authentic following your heart, loving and doing soul and heart desire. When our heart is aligned with your actions and purpose, if making a mistake a long the way, the fall always seems to be a softer landing. 

This month with Saturn coming into Virgo in early September and the New Moon in Virgo and a partial Solar Eclipse, mid-month at 18 degrees of Virgo – these two events are calling us to give more of ourselves, to be in service to others. Virgo and its energy can express itself as constant analysis, focus on your self, self-criticism, judging others, ruminating over the details, looking for perfection in everything. These are all qualities that may keep you in bondage.  Ging back to same issue or problem, creating the perfect you, having unrealistic standards, and trying to control is exhausting. We all do this to some degree. When dignified, Virgos can be gently self-less, caring, reliable, dedicated and diligent. Use these qualities to help others this month. Instead of judging someone or their situation, help them, be there for them. Now is the perfect time to commit to a volunteer, charitable or service organization. Give without expecting anything in return. Give and let go! You will find how truly liberating this is.