Astrology and my journey 


Astrology.... I had never thought about it, until fourteen years  ago this wisdom just appeared in my life. When I was working at an online magazine, two women Astrologers who wrote the horoscope section walked in to meet us. We started chatting, and next thing I knew, just out of curiosity, I was sitting listening to my first reading. I giggled the whole time; it was strange, interesting and fun all at the same time.  I was intrigued. I had to get to the bottom of it all. Eight years later and wiser hopefully, I would love to share a little about this journey and about this ancient wisdom with you. As I write, it is impossible to imagine my life, and the richness of what I have learned, without it. It has led me to experience and discover life in a profound way. 

I had many questions about life, and astrology helped me answer them especially in understanding the process of life and its lessons. I emphasize "help, or assist" me in answering these questions because it is our connection to our deepest self, our spirit that will know the answer. Astrology is a tool and a guide that gives you deeper awareness and insights into life. It is the beginning of a new conversation. However, we are the ultimate creators in partnership with the mystery of what we call Grace, Highest Wisdom, Universal Spirit, or God. Astrology can give us more awareness, and deeper insights, yet it is ultimately us who have the right to our own truth and to choose to change and affect our future. The importance is to stay connected to our deepest inner truth and learn from this beautiful wisdom handed down the generations, beginning as an ancient science. At one point Astrology and Astronomy were one study in the same, until the Age of Reason.

So with Astrology, I began what many of us can call a "spiritual journey" - a truer, more authentic connection to my true self and Spirit. As I studied, the more connected I felt to myself and others. It was also a doorway to appreciating my uniqueness and therefore others' uniqueness, to understanding people's preferences, their way of being, the way they love or do not love and more. It is truly a path to understanding and developing unconditional love of self and others. I am still learning, accepting and understanding each day. It truly is beautiful. I hope that you will be interested in learning more about how these readings and teachings can impact your life.





Sandra Eugenia